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We continuously refine and add new features to our websites. See our blog posts below.

FEB 2023 08

Portal feed update

08 FEB 2023

In the properties page of the admin console, we now have two types of links to your properties that have been fed to the portals:
  • The reference number link: This is for portals that give us a listing status and their reference number for each property we feed to them. This confirms the property is on the portal and we can link directly to it. Portals with this link are Property24, Private Property, Gumtree, TPN Prop BayImmoafrica and Property360
  • The new search link: This is for portals that don’t give us feedback on or reference numbers for properties we have fed to them. While the property was fed to them it might not always appear, so the best we can do is provide a link to a search page on the portal that should include the property. Portals with this new link are Mitula, Locanto and Trovit
Search link in the Amin Console. Click to view the property on the portal.

This new search link will appear 3 days after the property is uploaded - giving the portal time to import and display the property.  

The new search links and portal icons have also been added to the Owner email - making it look even more impressive. 
Owner email with links to the property on the portals.

We understand that maximising your property’s exposure is vital. That is why we work hard to ensure that your properties show on as many portals as possible (both free and paid). Plus provide you with links to view them there, to confirm they are there and presented correctly. 

If you have any queries, please contact us.

MAY 2020 28

Feed all your properties to Gumtree for free

28 MAY 2020

Good news! From the 1st of June web-box clients will be able to automatically feed all their listings to Gumtree for free. Before you could only feed 5 properties to Gumtree at no cost via your web-box website.

All new properties you now upload will be ticked by default to feed to Gumtree - you do not have to do anything. To also feed older properties, select and edit them in your admin console and tick the Gumtree feed box.

Feed your older properties by ticking their Gumtree feed box.

We are sure that in these stressful times that getting all your properties onto Gumtree, with their 1 million a month visitors, without incurring any additional cost will be a great help to you. 

If you want to maximise the exposure your listings get on Gumtree you can buy an optional package from them that automatically bumps up your properties so they will appear at the top of the default search results. This costs R1999 + VAT per month per branch (a 33% discount on the current rate). This significantly increases your exposure. You can email Gumtree at for more information.

If you already have a Gumtree subscription in place, you can benefit even more - contact your Gumtree account manager for these details.

If you do not want your properties to automatically feed to Gumtree, please contact us and we will disable this for you.

MAY 2019 30

Portal Update

30 MAY 2019

One of the free portals we feed to, HomeHunt, has closed down. However, we have two additional portals we now feed to: Residential People and Commercial People.

New portal we feed residential properties to.

New portal we feed commercial properties to.

Commercial People is one of the few portals dedicated solely to commercial properties. As with all the free portals, your properties are automatically copied to them and you can click from the admin console directly to the property on the portal to view it:

Link to view property on the portal.

Below is the full list of portals that we feed to.

Portals fed to by web-box.

We like to ensure you get optimum exposure via the available property portals. Load once and appear everywhere! 

If you have any questions, don’t forget we are just a phone call or email away.

JAN 2019 31

New Portal: PropBay

31 JAN 2019

We are excited to let you know that RentBay, one of the current free portals we automatically feed your rental properties to now has a for sale section for residential and commercial property -

New portal.

We  have enabled the feed so your for sale properties will automatically be copied to this portal. Like the other free portals, you don’t have to do anything - it happens automatically. The link to the property on the portal will appear alongside the other portal links in your admin console.

Link to Propbay in your admin console.

We hope you get great exposure from this new portal and would love to know what you think so please contact us.

MAY 2018 03

Web-Box Portals Update

03 MAY 2018

As you might have heard, Hozi Homes has closed down and therefore unfortunately your properties cannot be listed there anymore. However, we still ensure that our clients get optimum exposure via the available property portals.

Your web-box website gives you the ability to copy properties to all of South Africa's largest free property portals and optional pay ones. The optional pay property portals are:, and the free property portals are: (5 properties free, pay for more), (free in some areas, pay in others),,,,,,

Load once and appear everywhere! If you have any questions, don’t forget we are just a phone call or email away.

APR 2018 06

Special Gumtree Offer For Our WEB-BOX Clients

06 APR 2018

Petrol, VAT ... everything is going up.

Well, almost everything - we have some good news for our WEB-BOX clients! Gumtree are giving you a special last chance offer to sign up for any of their packages during the month of April and pay the existing price, not the increased prices that came into effect on 1st April. This would be a minimum saving of 15% on the new prices.

This offer to WEB-BOX clients is only available if you sign up before 30th April 2018.

The costs for the packages are as follows:
  • R 569 per month per branch: post 20 properties from your WEB-BOX admin console (bump ups etc extra)
  • R1 699 per month per branch: post unlimited properties from your WEB-BOX admin console (bump ups etc extra)
  • R 2 998 per month per branch: Featured Package with unlimited properties from your WEB-BOX admin console, 24 Hour Auto Bumps (automatically bumped up back to the top of the search listings every 24 hours with no manual intervention required from you), website URL on all listings
A reminder that Gumtree subscriptions are month to month.

To take up this offer, complete this form and email it to Clearly indicate “Web-box April Offer” on the first page.

MAR 2018 12

Property24 Video Uploads

12 MAR 2018

In our constant quest to make your website work as hard for you as possible, we’ve worked with Property24 to allow any videos you load to a property in your web-box admin console to now automatically pull through to your listing on Property24. No more extra work of sending your videos separately to them for you!

Just follow these quick steps to ensure your videos go through to Property24:

Upload your property as normal. Once uploaded, go back to the property and under “action” click “edit”. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on “add a video”

Enter the video link and click “update”

You’ll be taken back to the upload screen, where you must remember to then click “update” at the bottom too!
Ta da! Your video will now be on your Property24 listing.

Remember, you will need an account with Property24 if you want your properties to feed through to them. Please feel free to contact us on for any assistance.

Please note this is only available for our Standard and Premium Sites.

SEP 2017 20

Your properties on PriceCheck

20 SEP 2017

We are happy to let you know that we have completed our feed to PriceCheck Property and now all your properties will appear there!

“With over 11 years in the South African market, a strong online brand, and 2.5 million visitors PriceCheck has evolved into a comprehensive shopping destination for the consumer.”

The website presents the properties beautifully and as they are a very strong brand in South Africa having your properties there will generate you leads and also impress your sellers - don’t forget to let them know their property is listed there by sending them an “owner email” (let us know if you want help).

PriceCheck will be charging for property listings in the future, but are currently on a free trial. They will give you advance notice before they start charging.

AUG 2017 15

HomeHunt - an additional free portal for you!

15 AUG 2017


As usual, web-box have been working on quality portal partnerships for you and we’re excited to tell you that the properties on your web-box website are now also being automatically fed through to HomeHunt

The team who created HomeHunt are from HomeTimes. HomeTimes provides “unbiased and independent knowledge, advice and guidance on all facets of your home”. They have built up South Africa’s largest residential-focused property group on Facebook, which has over 311 000 followers.

HomeHunt will only include a property if they have its location. So in order for your property to appear you must select ‘mark gps coordinates’ or ‘mark address on the map’ in the upload/edit screen in your web-box admin console.


We hope you gain tremendous exposure from our new addition! And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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