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We continuously refine and add new features to our websites. See our blog posts below.

DEC 2021 07

Happy‌ ‌holidays‌ ‌to‌ ‌all‌

07 DEC 2021


Our offices will be open over the festive season (apart from the public holidays). However, our developers will be away from the 15th December 2021 to 10 January 2022, so if you want any updates done to your website please send them to as soon as possible.

NOV 2021 30

Development Listings

30 NOV 2021

You can now upload a development to your site in the same way you would upload a property. You will find this new “Add Development” feature on the Properties dropdown in your admin console. 

Doing it this way means you can create and update developments yourself without asking us to do it for you.

Much like the property pages, the development is displayed in a professional and consistent layout.

Developments will show as a menu item on your properties dropdown.

The development upload page allows for images, floor plans, marketing brochures, videos, and show days. You can also allocate agents to the development.

Professional and consistent layout of a development page.

Please note these developments do not feed to the portals and it is only available on our premium sites. 

If your site currently has developments we would suggest you move them to this version. If you would like help moving them, we will be happy to help you move them - please let us know.

NOV 2021 17

Search by reference number

17 NOV 2021

Visitors to your website can now use your website reference numbers in the search bar to find a property. See below. 

Search by reference number in the search bar.

This usability update will make your website even easier to use - something we are continuously working on.

If you have any feedback, please let us know.

OCT 2021 28

Subscriber emails double opt-in

28 OCT 2021

Earlier this year we set up double opt-in for all new property alerts and newsletter subscribers on our client websites. This was to be in line with POPIA requirements. 

How it works is when a subscriber signs up or is added via the admin console, they receive an email with a link for them to confirm they want to sign up.

Double opt-in email.

Once they have clicked the link, they are added to your list of opted-in subscribers. Only opted-in subscribers will receive property alerts or newsletter emails.

In your admin console, you can easily see who has not opted in, with the number of opt-in emails sent to them and the date the last one was sent. 

Non opted-in subscribers in the admin console, with the number of opt-in emails sent and the date of the last one.

You can send an opt-in email to non opted-in subscribers by adding them again in the admin console’s  ‘Add Subscribers’ screen.

Should you wish to disable subscriber double opt-in, you can do so by changing your POPIA compliance settings in your admin console - read more here.

If you have any questions about this or any other website query, please contact us.

OCT 2021 06

Updates to Lite Sites

06 OCT 2021

We are always working hard to ensure we provide our clients with the best websites. To this end, we have recently upgraded our Lite Site template to include the following:

  • An About Us Page (to enable please send us the text and a picture if you have one).
  • An Our Team Page showing your agents (it will appear automatically if you have added agents via your admin console).
  • A map on the Contact Page (we have set this up if your address was presented on the Contact Page).

New Lite Site About Us Page.

See what the changes look like on

We are sure our Lite Site clients will love these new additions to their website  - we look forward to your feedback.

Working for you.

The web-box team

AUG 2021 26

Property Brochure PDF downloads

26 AUG 2021

We have changed the way your brochures work. You can now download them as a print-ready PDF. This makes creating them much quicker and easier. We have also implemented a new much more powerful interface for you to create them in.

New property brochure interface in admin console.

You can now also edit the brochure description and points directly without having to change the property listing. Brochures are now restricted to 1 print page. If the description or points are too long for the allocated area in the brochure they will be truncated. 

The new brochure system works really well on mobile as well. It is very easy to share the PDF via WhatsApp or email on your phone.

Brochure PDF shared on WhatsApp.

Give it a try, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. Should you need any help with the new brochures, please let us know.

JUL 2021 23

South Africa unrest

23 JUL 2021

We have all seen the looting and destruction of property in KZN and Gauteng, as well as the reports of the ongoing Taxi violence in the Western Cape. We empathise strongly with our clients and everyone else who has been affected and hope things get better soon.

We have been saddened to hear that some of our clients have had their premises looted, and we would like to help them. Please let us know if this happened to you. 

Things do seem to be getting better and we at web-box hope the rebuilding across communities continues.

The web-box team

JUN 2021 30

POPIA and Property Alerts/Newsletters settings

30 JUN 2021

We have implemented emailing only opted-in subscribers by default as per our blog post POPIA and Property Alerts/Newsletters. This ensures that your website is by default POPIA compliant.

The agency principal can override this default through the settings page in the admin console. To remain POPIA compliant this should only be done if consent has been obtained from the subscribers.

Your admin console subscriber screen will now by default show the subscribers your website is set to email. You can toggle this view via the drop-down shown below.

Updates to admin console subscriber screen.

Opt-in subscribers are those who signed up via the front end of your website or confirmed that they want to continue receiving these emails through an email opt-in confirmation like the 3 email opt in process.

To see how each subscriber signed up we have added 3 new columns to the admin console subscriber screen:

  • website opt-in: signed up via front end of website
  • email opt-in: opted in via email confirmation
  • opt-in: true if website opt-in or email opt-in

If you have any questions on this please contact us, we are here to help.

JUN 2021 22

POPIA Privacy Policy

22 JUN 2021

We have updated your website with a POPIA Privacy Policy, which shows as a link in the footer. This was written by legal consultants, TVDM Consultants, who have been providing POPIA services to the property industry.

You have the option to override this Privacy Policy by sending us your own version. If you have already provided one, it will be kept as is.

There will be a further POPIA related post in the next couple of days. And in case you missed it, see our previous post about POPIA and Property Alerts/Newsletters.

If you have any questions please contact us.

JUN 2021 08

POPIA and Property Alerts/Newsletters

08 JUN 2021

POPIA states that from next month all direct marketing and related emails must be opt-in. 

To adhere to this we will by default, from next month, only send Property Alert and Newsletter emails to subscribers who have signed up via the front end of your website (website opted-in subscribers). Not to subscribers who have been added via your admin console or you have requested us to add for you.

You will be able to override this default and send to everyone by checking a box to say that you wish to email all your subscribers and have consent to do so.

You can now see how many of your subscribers are website opted-in vs not at the top of your admin console’s subscriber screen.

If you want to try to convert admin console added subscribers to opted-in subscribers, we can send them emails asking them to opt-in to carry on receiving Property Alerts and Newsletters. This will be done by sending 3 emails over the next 3 weeks. Be aware that the conversion could be low. There will be a R500 + VAT charge to set up and run this process. Please let us know if you would like us to do this for you.

We will update you on further POPIA compliance for your website in the next couple of days.

If you have any questions on this please contact us.

MAY 2021 11

Refer-a-friend policy reminder

11 MAY 2021

We want to remind you of our ongoing refer-a-friend policy.


If you send a friend our way and they sign up with WEB-BOX, both you and the friend you referred will get a 50% discount off your monthly subscription fee for 3 months. All your friend needs to do, for you both to benefit from this amazing offer, is to let us know that you were the one who recommended us.

We hope this perk will help you boldly share your love of web-box!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

FEB 2021 18

Feed your properties to Facebook

18 FEB 2021

Don’t forget you can feed your properties from your admin console to your Facebook Business Page. We have seen that this generates significant traffic to our client websites.

Admin console link to feed to your Facebook business page.

You can easily keep track of which properties have been fed to Facebook via your admin console, plus click through to view them there. Just like your feeds to the property portals. Plus a link to the property on Facebook will appear in your Owner Email.

Admin console link to view property on Facebook.

Feeding sold properties to Facebook is the best way to show that you make sales.

A sold property on your Facebook business page.

Don’t forget to update previously fed ‘For Sale’ properties to ‘Sold’ when this happens. This is easily done through your admin console.

If you do not already have a Facebook Business Page, we strongly recommend that you either set up one yourself or get us to do it for you. WEB-BOX has a team of online marketing specialists, contact us to find out more.

FEB 2021 11

COVID-19 link moved

11 FEB 2021

We have moved the Government Gazette mandated COVID-19 link from the top to the bottom of all our clients’ websites. It looks a lot better there, while remaining fully compliant with the regulations.

We hope you like the change.

Please stay safe. Stay healthy. Be patient and kind.

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