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We continuously refine and add new features to our websites. See our blog posts below.

AUG 2019 22

Logo Design Services

22 AUG 2019

Your logo is critical to the look of your website, which is why the importance of a good logo can’t be understated - it is what distinguishes you from your competitors and establishes trust. A professionally designed logo shows you are a professional estate agent.

Why you need to stand out from your competitors.

You already have a logo, but logos are often updated and modernised.

Logo evolution of well known brands.

As we want to help you make your website look as professional as possible, we have added this affordable logo design service to our full service real estate offering:

*Logo Redraw (Create a high resolution digital copy of your logo - might be needed for print or your website.)
R2000 + VAT

*Logo Design - 2 options  
R3000 (Includes 3 revisions) 

*Logo Design - 4 options  
R4000 (Includes 3 revisions)

* Prices may vary if scope of work changes.

To get started or if you have any questions please contact us. As always we are here to help you.

AUG 2019 01

New Feature: Email Properties From The Admin Console

01 AUG 2019

You can now send an email with property information from the admin console instead of having to compose them yourself.

Example of an email sent from the Admin console.

All you have to do is select which properties to include and then personalise the intro paragraph and click send.

Select properties to include in the email.

No more spending of time and effort finding and putting together this information. Instead you can send a personalised email that, while it looks professional, also has the look and feel of one composed by yourself.

All emails that have been sent this way are viewable from the monitoring menu in your admin console, enabling you to keep track of what emails you or your agents have sent.

We are sure this will save you lots of time, so please give it a try by sending yourself a test email and see how easy it is. 

We would love to know what you think about this new tool, please let us know.

JUL 2019 25

Save Your Properties As Drafts

25 JUL 2019

Have you ever wanted to start uploading a property but didn’t want to publish it on your website yet, or wanted to remove a property off your website temporarily? Maybe you didn’t have all the information, time or the property wasn’t yet on the market.

We are pleased to tell you that you can now do so with our new ‘draft’ feature. A property can now be saved to a draft before being pushed live on your website, or a live property can be moved to drafts thereby removing it from your website.

Save to draft from upload property screen.

Your saved draft properties will be accessible via the  Properties dropdown menu.

Access draft properties from admin console.

So no more uploading a property when it is not 100% ready and no more losing work that you started but unexpectedly could not finish. We are sure you will find this new feature very helpful.

As always, we love to hear your feedback so please contact us. 

JUN 2019 27

Don’t forget: referring a new client to us is a WIN-WIN!

27 JUN 2019

We want to remind you of our ongoing refer-a-friend policy!

Refer-a friend!

If you send a friend our way and they sign up with web-box, both you and the friend you referred will get a 50% discount off your subscription fees for 3 months. All your friend needs to do, for you both to benefit from this amazing offer is to let us know that you were the one who recommended us.

We hope that this perk will help you boldly share your love of web-box!

If you have any questions, you can gladly contact us.

JUN 2019 14

Call Directly From Quick Notes

14 JUN 2019

Our Quick Notes are a great “on-the-run” tool for agents to make notes on each property. You can record things like viewings, owner interaction and commission splits.

Quick Notes for a property with clickable phone numbers.

Now, while viewing a Quick Note on your phone you can click on any phone number and your phone will call it. No need to copy and paste or try to remember or write it down before typing it into your phone - this will be much easier and no longer so frustrating!

For a refresher on how Quick Notes work you can read the initial blog post.

Hopefully this is another way your web-box website makes your life simpler so you can focus on making more sales! 

Please give our Quick Notes a try and let us know what you think.

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