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We continuously refine and add new features to our websites. See our blog posts below.

APR 2024 12

New Premium Theme

12 APR 2024

We are excited to present a new theme for our premium websites called Contemporary, have a look at it -

Contemporary theme.

This theme differs from our others in the following:
  • There is a parallax scrolling effect on the main image, which we think is pretty cool. To see this, go to the demo website and scroll down.
  • The featured properties and testimonials are displayed as a slider / carousel so you can have as many of each as you want.
  • The bond calculators, property alerts sign up and news/testimonials are displayed and linked from the front page.
Our new theme is in addition to our existing themes (clean, logo hero, picture hero, lifestyle, portfolio). They can all be viewed on our portfolio page

If you would like to switch your premium website to this theme you can do so at a cost of R2000 + VAT. Please email us at if you would like to make the switch.

MAR 2024 04

Admin console password reset

04 MAR 2024

You can now change your password from the login screen of your admin console.

Password reset link on the login page.

When you click the link provided, you get sent an email with a link to reset your password.

You can also change your password when you are logged in as shown below.

Change password in the admin console.

Plus, you can now use your email address to log in, which is easier to remember than a username. 

We recommend that you use either of these methods now to change your password to increase the security of your account. If you need any help with this or have any questions please contact us.

FEB 2024 01

Tags replace showrooms

01 FEB 2024

We have replaced showrooms with tags. Showrooms were used to create a page showing specific properties like ‘Auctions’ or ‘On Show’. You can now do the same with tags. However, unlike showrooms, visitors can use tags as a search criteria on your website, making them a much more powerful feature.

Searching for properties tagged as 'Retirement'.

You create tags in your admin console and then assign them to a property or a development. 

Here are some examples of tags that could be created: 

  • On show
  • Auction
  • New stock
  • Furnished
  • Retirement

Your admin console properties page shows the tags associated with the properties for easy management.

Admin console view of tags the property has.

We strongly encourage all clients who use showrooms to use tags* instead, just email us instructions to switch you over and we will do so. Or, if you don’t have showrooms and would like to start using tags, please let us know.

*Showrooms and tags only available on premium sites

DEC 2023 05

Happy‌ ‌holidays‌ ‌to‌ ‌all‌

05 DEC 2023


Our offices will be open over the festive season (apart from the public holidays). However, our developers will be away from the 14th December 2023 to 8th January 2024, so if you want any updates done to your website please send them to as soon as possible.

NOV 2023 01

Facebook special for WEB-BOX clients

01 NOV 2023

A Facebook Business Page gives you the opportunity to show that you are a reputable authority in your field and an active agency in your focal areas, as well as giving you another platform to showcase your stock. It gives potential clients a perception of your brand and the type of service they might receive if they choose to work with your company.

Setting them up and maintaining them at a consistently high standard takes time, money and know-how and can be overwhelming. Let us help you with this - we have lots of experience managing Facebook Business pages for estate agencies, so we know what works and what doesn’t. 

We are currently running an exclusive offer* for WEB-BOX clients - you will get 50% off the setup fee and 20% off the monthly fee for the 1st three months. A saving of R2300 + VAT off the setup fee. Monthly fees range from R2465 to R4582 + VAT.

See full details of the packages here.

If you are interested, please contact us.

*offer ends 30th November 2023

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