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Google Remarketing Ads Offering Show your adverts to people who have visited your website, keeping you top of mind.

Google Remarketing Ads are custom designed advertisements that are displayed to the people who have previously visited your website. This is extremely powerful as both buyers and sellers often interact with many estate agents and by being visible when they leave your website and go elsewhere, you can now be the one they remember and come back to.

By building an impression that you are well advertised, “everywhere”, you are building credibility too.

Imagine yourself as a seller: When you are deciding which agency to use you would look at a couple of their websites. By the time you are done they all blur into each other.If one agency’s ads get continuously shown back to you (via remarketing) this would significantly increase the chances of you going with that agent.

What does it cost?

  • Once-off Setup:
    • R2 500 + VAT Includes design and creation of different size ads for the campaign
    • R1 150 + VAT If you reuse previously created Google Display Ads
  • Monthly Costs:
    • To web-box: R830 + VAT (1-hour management per month)
    • To Google: R275 + VAT (the spend can be very little and still get great results)

There is a minimum contract period of 6 months.

  • How does the tracking work?
    • We will add a piece of Google Remarketing code to your website so that visitors get added to your remarketing audiences through browser cookies.
  • Why do I need different size ads?
    • Different websites have different size slots available for adverts. So to get your advert on as many websites as possible one has to provide a range of sizes to Google.

Examples of the ads


estate agency experts // complete solution // outstanding customer support // best value