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FEB 2024 01
  • 01 FEB 2024

We have replaced showrooms with tags. Showrooms were used to create a page showing specific properties like ‘Auctions’ or ‘On Show’. You can now do the same with tags. However, unlike showrooms, visitors can use tags as a search criteria on your website, making them a much more powerful feature.

Searching for properties tagged as 'Retirement'.

You create tags in your admin console and then assign them to a property or a development. 

Here are some examples of tags that could be created: 

  • On show
  • Auction
  • New stock
  • Furnished
  • Retirement

Your admin console properties page shows the tags associated with the properties for easy management.

Admin console view of tags the property has.

We strongly encourage all clients who use showrooms to use tags* instead, just email us instructions to switch you over and we will do so. Or, if you don’t have showrooms and would like to start using tags, please let us know.

*Showrooms and tags only available on premium sites

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