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APR 2024 12
  • 12 APR 2024

We are excited to present a new theme for our premium websites called Contemporary, have a look at it -

Contemporary theme.

This theme differs from our others in the following:
  • There is a parallax scrolling effect on the main image, which we think is pretty cool. To see this, go to the demo website and scroll down.
  • The featured properties and testimonials are displayed as a slider / carousel so you can have as many of each as you want.
  • The bond calculators, property alerts sign up and news/testimonials are displayed and linked from the front page.
Our new theme is in addition to our existing themes (clean, logo hero, picture hero, lifestyle, portfolio). They can all be viewed on our portfolio page

If you would like to switch your premium website to this theme you can do so at a cost of R2000 + VAT. Please email us at if you would like to make the switch.

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